For Everyone Determined To Never Be Hurt Again

Learn The Devastating Moves Taught To Only The Select Few, That Will Cripple Your Attacker - Immediately


You will learn:

  • Instant and EFFECTIVE Self Defense
  • How to break your attackers arm if he is crazy enough to throw a punch
  • Instant torque multiplied takedowns
  • Instant finishes
  • The correct way to strangle – put them to sleep in under a half second
  • Head Takedowns – so fast and effective that there is no way out



This DVD Set contains material that we pondered long and hard over… should we put techniques and information on that is so dangerous?

We decided (after taking legal advice) that we should!


“Before You Carry On Reading”

…I just need you to promise me one thing. That is – that you’ll only use what I’m about to show you to defend yourself WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

These moves are designed to cripple, maim and possibly even kill an attacker.

These techniques could be the only thing standing between you and some street thug with serious Kill Intent!

- Russell Stutely
Europe’s No.1 Expert



FROM: Russell Stutely – Europe’s No.1 Expert

Dear Friend

I am not going to waste your time with reasons about the importance of self defense and the need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

You know that right?

I am here to give you much more than that… you know that some basic, common or garden self defense moves wil not cut it in todays ever more violent society.

Well, the information I have for you on this Double DVD Set for IMMEDIATE Download is going to racket up your power and technique in a fraction of the time of regular classes.

This Double DVD Set will take you from beginner to killer in 2 hours!

You are here because you WANT TO KNOW the kind of techniques that will maim, cripple or even KILL that attacker. You are intent on NEVER BEING A VICTIM – EVER!

These moves are not difficult to learn…. and you will be amazed as you see yourself mastering them in just a few short hours.

Mix in the KILLER Bonus Material I have put together for you and your life will change today… forever.. for the better!

Check out the information below and lets get you started on your quest to NEVER BEING A VICTIM – EVER!




Originally planned for the Private Students of Europe’s No. 1 Expert, Russell Stutely, this Double DVD Set gives YOU the Crippling Techniques required.

Everything is broken down into easy to understand segments and clearly explained and demonstrated.


  • Common Mistakes and How To Avoid Them…
  • Rocket Your Techniques To The Next Level…
  • Learn REAL Finishers…
  • Bonus Break and Bleed Out Techniques…


Listen Up:

This material is by Europe’s No.1 Expert, Russell Stutely. His reputation is 2nd to none.

Where do you think all the “Masters and Gurus” go when they want to up their game? That’s right… they seek out Russell.

This Double DVD Set for Download Only is on sale at RussellStutely.Com store for $67.00

You can buy it today for only $47.00 and to make this deal an absolute NO-BRAINER, here are some awesome REAL VALUE Bonuses for you.


Bonus Book Download – VALUE $9.95

“How To Hit… Really Hard!”

The definitive guide to hitting incredibly hard. Russell Stutely is known as one of the most IMPACTIVE STRIKERS in Martial Arts today.

This handy downloadable guide gives you step by step instruction to IMMENSE Stopping Power.


  • Double Your Impact…
  • Halve Your Effort…
  • Step By Step Guide…
  • Just Follow Along and Feel The Power Grow…


JUST the information in this PDF Book Download will get you hitting like a Mule On Steroids.

That alone is enough for most altercations!


Membership – value $Priceless

“Membership To Our Site”

Receive regular information on Self Defense that is 100% FREE for our valued Members.

Have your comments answered by some of the Worlds Elite.


  • Secure Download Area…
  • Amazing Information…
  • Regular Updates…
  • Much More…


Exclusive access to our Members Area is one of those benefits that you simply can’t put a price on. A ton of information will be made available to you


BONUS DVD Download

“BAR 2010: DVD Download”

This DVD was previously ONLY RELEASED to Dedicated and Serious Martial Artists and Self Defense Gurus.

“I revealed these Secrets to some of my most trusted and loyal friends a little over 12 Years ago. The information remained “locked away” for 6 Years and then it was released to the “select few” within Martial Arts and Self Defense… Now it is YOUR Turn”Russell Stutely. Europe’s No.1 Expert.


  • Understand The Shock Of a Real fight…
  • Turn That To Your Advantage…
  • Used by Thousands of Law Enforcement Officers…
  • Just Put Your Opponent Out…


Check Out The Clip Below

Pretty Serious Info eh?

Lets recap on what you are going to receive – RIGHT NOW – FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD


What You Will Receive TODAY
  • Bad Guy Beat Down Double DVD Set – Download – Value $67.00
  • Version 1 - To Play on PC / Mac / Burn to DVD
  • Version 2 - For IPod / IPad
  • How To Hit…Really Hard – PDF Download – Value $9.95
  • Body Alarm Reaction DVD – Download – Value $29.95




This information will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Imagine the confidence that you will have once equipped with this life changing and life saving information!

You will be able to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.


Only $47

One Time Payment – Instant Download!

Instant Download – Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Card, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


Buy Securely Online – Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed with My Full 100% Money Back Guarantee

Just in case you’re not completely convinced that this will be the most practical, easy to follow self defense guide you’ve ever purchased, I want you to know something. I’m not here to “take the money and run”. I’ve spent almost my entire life training with pros and real life street fighters to give you the insights you won’t get from any martial arts book, DVD or class.

I’m not even asking you to make a decision today as to whether or not this information is truly worth it. To be honest, I hope you NEVER have to use these moves.

But if you do, I want you to feel truly confident that you can take down any opponent with them. You can even take two full months to try out what you’ve learned. Spar with your partner and really take them off their feet!

If for any reason you aren’t happy with the results, I want to know about it. Simply contact me anytime within the first two months for a complete refund. You can even keep the PDF “How To Hit … Really Hard”  free of charge as my gift to you to help you become more mentally prepared for a confrontation. I just hope that it’s enough to protect you when things get worse!


“100% Money Back Guaranteee”

It is this simple. If you are not completely satisfied with these products, then simply contact us within the first 60 Days from date of purchase for a NO QUIBBLE 100% Money back Guarantee.

In over 16 years of selling my products and about 7 years of selling online I have literally sold 1000′s and 1000′s of DVD’s with NO REFUND REQUESTS!

- Russell Stutely



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